usb-stock-photosToday we released our first Stock Images & Photos product.

These are a wide range of over 8,000 stock images and photos that you can use for yourself or your clients.

Each package has its own licence however most cant be resold but can be used in any project.

Why Are Stock Photos Used?

There’s two main reasons to use stock photos for your projects instead of hiring a photographer to shoot custom photos for you:

  • They save time: stock photos are already created, post-edited and ready to be downloaded and used.
  • They save money: stock photos, specially those under Royalty Free license come at a much, much lower cost than that of hiring the services of a photographer.

With stock photos you simply pay for an image, download it and use it (it can take as little as seconds!) instead of having to wait for a photographer’s turnaround time, which can be significantly longer according to the project’s specifics. Plus Royalty Free is a one-time-pay license model with very flexible usage rights, and the price falls at way under $10 per image, versus the hundreds or even thousands it would cost to commission a photo shoot. There’s other additional benefits, but these two points are enough for every day more customers to choose stock photos for their projects.

How are Stock Images & Photos Used?

Stock photos have endless potential uses, but they all fall within two main and very distinctive categories:

Commercial Use For Stock Images

Commercial usage of stock photos refers to any project where the main goal is to generate profit. For stock photos to be suitable for this use (and most of them are), they must have all rights cleared, including model and property releases. But how to make money with stock photography? Some of the most common commercial uses for stock photos are:

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Branding
  • Social Media & Online Presence
  • Artistic Productions & Creative Projects (Decoration, etc.)
  • Corporative Identity
  • Business Supporting Material (Presentations, etc.)
  • Products for Resale (T-shirts, Packaging, etc.) – This use requires Extended license.

The realm of possible uses of stock photos in this category is almost as big as your imagination goes. Your website design, your next marketing campaign, your business presentations, your social media posts, the banners and posters to decorate your store, a new t-shirt print to sell in your e-shop… You name it, stock photos can do it.

Royalty Free Stock Photos

Here are some free samples

Paragliding-01 ballooning-04 Ballooning-08 Paragliding-16 Paragliding-20

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